St. George Rotunda

Centre, Bulgaria

St. George Rotunda is a historical monument and one of the oldest architectural pieces in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Renowned for its early Christian architecture, significant frescoes, and layered historical significance, this rotunda stands as a testament to Sofia's rich history, dating back to the 4th century.

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St. George Rotunda is easily accessible by foot within Sofia's city center. Public transportation options are abundant, with nearby bus and metro stations providing connections to the wider city. The area has good phone coverage. Specialized guides are available for historical insights but are not necessary for access.

Services nearby

The central location ensures close proximity to various services including lodgings ranging from budget-friendly to luxury accommodations, a plethora of dining options, shopping centers for props or costumes, and medical facilities. Gas stations are readily available within the city limits.
< 1 km
Gas station
< 1 km
Hospital or emergency room
< 1 km
< 1 km
< 1 km
< 1 km

Basecamp and facilities

Adjacent areas offer parking, with several spots designated for visitors. Nearby facilities include restrooms and areas that can serve as makeshift basecamps for smaller production crews.

Risk factors

The primary concerns include managing the presence of tourists during peak times and ensuring the preservation of the site's integrity during production. Necessary permits must be acquired for commercial filming.


The site draws tourists year-round, especially during summer. Early morning or late afternoon visits are recommended for media producers to avoid crowds.

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