Southern Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria

Sozopol is a charming coastal town steeped in history and culture, offering a unique blend of ancient and modern attractions. Known for its captivating Old Town with narrow cobblestone streets, wooden houses, and the remnants of medieval walls, Sozopol is a picturesque setting that has attracted artists, filmmakers, and media producers for years. Its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of the Black Sea, and vibrant cultural festivals make it an ideal location for a broad spectrum of media productions.

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Sozopol is easily accessible by road, making it convenient for vehicles of all sizes. Public transportation options, including buses, are available from other parts of Bulgaria, including the nearest major city, Burgas. Mobile phone coverage is generally good across the area. While much of Sozopol can be navigated without special guides, hiring a local guide could enrich the production with insights into the town's rich history and culture.

Services nearby

Accommodation in Sozopol ranges from luxury hotels to affordable guest houses, catering to all production budgets. The town is also home to numerous restaurants offering local and international cuisine, ideal for crew catering. Shopping for props and supplies is convenient, with various stores around. Medical facilities and gas stations are readily available, ensuring a safe and comfortable production environment.
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Hospital or emergency room
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Basecamp and facilities

Sozopol offers various facilities including parking areas, spots for basecamps, and public toilets. These amenities make it easier to manage logistics for media productions of different scales.

Risk factors

Risks for content creators in Sozopol include the potential for crowded scenes during peak tourist season, summer heat that could affect equipment, and occasional strong winds by the sea. Proper planning can mitigate these risks effectively.


Sozopol is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer months, which can lead to crowded beaches and public spaces. The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn offer a quieter atmosphere, suitable for productions requiring fewer onlookers.

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