Pobiti Kamani

Pobiti Kamani Natural Phenomenon, Bulgaria

Pobiti Kamani, also known as The Stone Desert, is a unique natural phenomenon located in the Varna region of Bulgaria. This area features a vast expanse of stone pillars, some reaching up to 6 meters in height, formed through natural gas erosions over millions of years. The landscape offers a surreal and otherworldly setting that could serve as an exceptional backdrop for various media productions, including films, TV shows, photography, and social media content.

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Pobiti Kamani is easily accessible by road, located approximately 18 kilometers west of Varna. Public transportation options are limited, so private transportation or hired vehicles are recommended. The area has adequate phone coverage, and specialized guides are not essential but could provide valuable insights into the best shooting locations and times. Basic parking facilities are available near the site.

Services nearby

The proximity to Varna ensures easy access to a range of services including accommodation, from budget hostels to luxury hotels, a variety of dining options, gas stations, medical facilities, and shopping centers for last-minute supplies or equipment needs.
< 30 km
< 30 km
Gas station
< 30 km
Hospital or emergency room
< 30 km
< 1 km
< 30 km

Basecamp and facilities

The site has basic facilities, including parking areas suitable for crew vehicles and basecamps. Mobile toilets are available near the main entrance, but options become scarce further into the site.

Risk factors

Key risk factors for media producers include the variable weather conditions and potential for equipment damage due to rugged terrain. Caution should be exercised to protect gear from sand and stone particles.


Pobiti Kamani attracts a steady flow of visitors, ranging from tourists to nature enthusiasts. Weekdays offer quieter shooting conditions, while weekends and public holidays can see increased foot traffic.

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