Nuuksio National Park

Greater Helsinki, Finland

Nuuksio National Park, located near the city of Espoo within the Greater Helsinki area, is a sanctuary of Finnish nature. Known for its dense forests, rolling hills, and pristine lakes, the park offers a peaceful retreat from urban life. It's a haven for wildlife, including numerous bird species, moose, and the elusive flying squirrel, making it a fantastic spot for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

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Nuuksio is accessible by public transport, car, and bike from Helsinki and Espoo. Most trails and attractions are well-marked with signs in English and Finnish. While no specialized guides are required for most areas, hiring a local guide can enhance the experience and ensure safety. Phone coverage is generally good, though it may vary in remote parts of the park.

Services nearby

The nearby towns of Espoo and Helsinki offer a wide range of services including hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. For immediate needs, the Haltia Nature Centre at the edge of the park provides a restaurant, exhibitions, and additional information about the park. Medical facilities are easily accessible in Espoo and Helsinki.
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Gas station
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Hospital or emergency room
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Basecamp and facilities

Around the main entrances and larger lakes, parking spaces, restrooms, and designated picnic areas with fire pits are available. For larger production setups, specific areas may be designated for equipment and basecamps with permissions from park authorities.

Risk factors

For media producers, key risks include unpredictable weather changes and navigating the park's varied terrain. Proper preparation and local weather awareness are essential. Wildlife encounters, while rare, require respectful distances to ensure safety for both animals and production crews.


Nuuksio National Park attracts a wide range of visitors, from hikers and nature lovers to school groups and international tourists. Despite its popularity, the vastness of the park ensures that it never feels crowded, allowing for a serene filming experience. The best times to visit for fewer visitors are early morning or late afternoon on weekdays.

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