Nidaros Cathedral

City center, Norway

Nidaros Cathedral, located in the heart of Trondheim, Norway, stands as a monumental piece of history and architecture. As the medieval cathedral of Norway, it is the traditional site for the consecration of new kings and bears a rich tapestry of historical significance. Its stunning architecture, featuring intricate Gothic designs and beautiful stained glass, makes it a beacon for both tourists and professionals seeking unique backdrops for their projects.

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Nidaros Cathedral is highly accessible, located in the bustling city center of Trondheim. Public transportation options are readily available, including buses and trams, ensuring ease of travel for visitors. Vehicle access is straightforward with several parking options nearby. Mobile phone coverage is excellent in the area. Specialized guides for historical and architectural tours can enrich the visit, though not necessary for access.

Services nearby

The central location of Nidaros Cathedral ensures close access to accommodations, ranging from hotels to local guesthouses. Restaurants, cafes, and shops are abundant, providing ample choices for catering and last-minute needs. Medical facilities, additional parking, and gas stations are easily accessible in the city.
< 1 km
Gas station
Hospital or emergency room
< 1 km
< 1 km
< 1 km
< 1 km

Basecamp and facilities

Nearby facilities include restrooms, a visitor center, and spots for basecamps in close proximity to parking areas. The surrounding city center offers various logistical advantages for production crews.

Risk factors

For media producers, considerations include managing equipment in a crowded area and respecting the cathedral's guidelines for filming. Weather conditions in winter can affect outdoor shoots, while interior lighting may require adjustments for optimal footage.


The cathedral draws visitors year-round, peaking in the summer. Early mornings or late evenings may offer quieter moments for shooting. Special permissions may be required for commercial shoots within the premises.

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