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A relatively shallow lake, Lake Mývatn covers about 37 square kilometres, making it the fourth largest lake in Iceland. The surrounding landscape is dotted with volcanic craters, lava fields, and very large pseudocraters, both in and around the lake. It is also home to grassy islets of lava and small islands, and it is teaming with birdlife. On a sunny day, the lake features a deep turquoise colour that adds a fantastic contrast to the various lava formations around it. Beautiful little coves offer endless viewpoints and small ponds and lushy green wetlands around Lake Mývatn are truly an oasis. During winter, the lake, due to its shallow waters, freezes easily, and the ice is easy to travel on. The movie Fast and Furious 8 was filmed on the lake in its frozen state at minus 20°C. During the winter months, the northern lights are easily seen here and add an overwhelming beauty to this location.

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The location is on route number 1, and you can drive all around the lake.
Public transportation unavailable
There is no public transportation available in this area
Car recommended
Unchallenging terrain accessible by car
Excellent phone coverage
Great phone coverage without interruptions
Not needed
Guide is not needed

Services nearby

Nearest hospital is in Akureyri, 79 kilometres away. Around this area, there are a few small villages, Airbnbs and guesthouses. Within 20 kilometres radius, there are convenience stores, a gas station, restaurants and more hotels and other services.
< 30 km
Gas station
< 30 km
Hospital or emergency room
More than 50 km away
< 1 km
< 30 km
< 30 km


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This area needs a three-way permit. Most of the land around Mývatn is privately owned so acquiring permission depends on where you want to film.
Shooting requires both the permission from the property owner and the local government permit

Basecamp and facilities

There are many farms and cottages around Lake Mývatn. The small village of Reykjahlíð offers the best place for a large basecamp, but with the help of our location managers, you can find the perfect spot, depending on where you want to film. Phone coverage is excellent.

Risk factors

The lava field and the rocks in and around Lake Mývatn are sharp scoria stones. The lake is vast and cold. If you want to film during the winter months, we suggest that you have an expert with you monitoring the stability of the ice on the lake. During summer months, the lake is haunted by gnats or midges which it draws its name from.


The area is on the Diamond Circle and is very popular with tourists and locals.

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