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Landmannalaugar showcases one of Iceland’s most colourful and versatile landscapes. Famous for its multicoloured rhyolite mountains, the area displays a stunning array of hues, ranging from red, orange, green, golden, and bluish mountains against fantastic contrast with staggering coalblack lava and vast black sand plains. Numerous tuff mountains, lined with graphic rock formations and shaded with the vibrant greens of moss-covered hills, create a mesmerizing sight. Landmannalaugar is located in Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the southern part of Iceland’s highlands. The area sits on an active volcano zone and is known for its geothermal activity. The name Landmannalaugar means travellers’ pools and is drawn from a geothermal natural hot spring just by the campsite. Everywhere you look in Landmannalaugar, you see spectacular landscapes, mountains, ridges, winding rivers, and an almost endless depth of beauty.

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The road leading to Landmannalaugar is 35 km long off the main road and though it is suitable for normal cars, it is wise to use 4x4. In Landmannalaugar has many hikes through the area to different sites that vary in difficulty.
Public transportation available
Public transportation available nearby
4x4 required
Challenging terrain accessible only by off-road vehicles with high ground clearance
Bad phone coverage
Poor phone coverage with frequent interruptions
Guide recommended
Guidance is suggested, but not required

Services nearby

There are highland buses that sell necesseties at this location. There are cabins, and a highland hotel within 50 kilometers from Landmannalaugar. The nearest hospital is in Selfoss, 125 kilometres away, there you can also find shops and other services.
More than 50 km away
Gas station
< 50 km
Hospital or emergency room
More than 50 km away
< 1 km
< 50 km
More than 50 km away


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The area is owned by the government, so a government permit is needed.
Shooting permits are issued by the local government
Landmannalaugar is a nature reserve and protected by law.
Shooting permits are issued by the local government

Basecamp and facilities

There are three very large parking lots at Landmannalaugar, two just after crossing a small river, and one before the river. There are several huts and basic facilities at this location. Phone coverage is average.

Risk factors

The highlands can be a treacherous place. The roads vary from rough to impassable and travelling there in winter needs careful planning and specialized vehicles in some cases. The area is an active geothermal area with versatile landscape. Around, there are a few rivers of varous sizes that you need to ford to explore the location. Most rental cars are not insured for driving on mountain roads.


The area is a high tourist attraction during the summer months, with up to 130 thousand visitors per year. Most stay for a few days and hike through the area which has a plentiful of interesting hikes. However, there is an abundance of beautiful locations and designated spots which could be managed with rangers and staff.

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