Kastelholm Castle

Åland Islands, Finland

Kastelholm Castle is a medieval stronghold in Sund, Åland Islands, renowned for its historical significance and architectural elegance. Situated amidst the scenic landscapes of Åland, the castle offers a compelling glimpse into the Nordic medieval era. Today, it stands as a vibrant cultural landmark, hosting various exhibitions, reenactments, and educational tours, making it a must-visit location for history enthusiasts and media producers seeking a unique backdrop.

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Kastelholm Castle is easily accessible by car and public transportation from major areas within the Åland Islands. The surrounding roads are well-maintained, ensuring smooth access for vehicles of all sizes. Public transportation options are available, providing convenient access without the need for personal vehicles. Phone coverage is generally good throughout the area, and the presence of guided tours means that specialized guides are available for those requiring in-depth information about the site.

Services nearby

The surrounding area of Kastelholm Castle boasts a range of services. Accommodation options from hotels to quaint guesthouses are available, ensuring comfortable stays. Restaurants offering local and international cuisine are nearby, along with convenience stores for essential supplies. Gas stations and medical facilities are within a short driving distance, ensuring a smooth production experience.
< 30 km
Gas station
More than 50 km away
Hospital or emergency room
< 50 km
< 50 km
< 30 km
< 30 km

Basecamp and facilities

The site features amenities to support visitors and production crews, including parking facilities nearby, which can accommodate vehicles of all sizes, including spaces that could serve as basecamps. Toilets and basic visitor facilities are available, enhancing convenience for crew and talent.

Risk factors

Primary considerations include managing visitor presence during peak times and the variability of weather conditions, which may affect filming schedules. Special permissions may be required for certain types of media production, particularly if the project involves extensive equipment or areas with restricted access.


Kastelholm Castle is a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors with its historical significance and cultural events. While peak visiting hours might present challenges for uninterrupted filming, early mornings and late afternoons typically see fewer visitors, providing quieter moments for media production.

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