Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland
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A lonely old farmhouse sits just beside the road with the majestic and colourful Kambskarð and Tunguhyrna mountains as backdrop. As ancient geothermal area in the mountains creates a stunning and picturesque landscape. The scree hills showcase many colours and a spectacular contrast with sharp ridges and rugged peaks. The farmhouse is a modest two-storey house that harmonises perfectly in this otherwise stunning landscape, adding to its charm and allure.

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The location is just beside the main road. The driveway to the house is 70 meters. From the house to the mountain, the distance is around 500 meters.
Public transportation unavailable
There is no public transportation available in this area
Car recommended
Unchallenging terrain accessible by car
Excellent phone coverage
Great phone coverage without interruptions
Not needed
Guide is not needed

Services nearby

There are lots of hotel options around this area. Snæfellsnes Peninsula is one of Iceland’s most visited tourist places with all the services you might need for your production. The nearest hospital is in Stykkishólmur, 76 kilometres away.
< 30 km
Gas station
< 30 km
Hospital or emergency room
More than 50 km away
< 1 km
< 30 km
< 30 km


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The area is privately owned.
Ask the property owner for shooting permission

Basecamp and facilities

This location is just beside the main road. On the other side lies a large farm field that could be used as basecamp, or other fields within a 5-kilometre radius. Aside from the house, there are no facilities here and phone coverage is excellent.

Risk factors

The location is close to the main road where speed limit is 90 km per hour. The hills are scree hills with loose pebbles and rock, making them difficult to climb.


Húsanes is privately owned and not a tourist attraction.

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